By way of introduction

In 2009 Brepols published my version of the Didascala apostolorum. After endless hours of proof-reading checking, rechecking, by myself and by others, the volume went to press. And as I opened the author’s copy the howler jumped out at me. I asked the press about the possibility of an erratum slip… no joy. I think a number of readers have noticed the error and been kind enough to overlook it, but it was a howler of the first order. I toyed with starting a website called or something similar… If a publisher is reading this then why not start it… every author would be glad, I am sure, to be able to post corrections to his/her work.
Over three years later I stumble across the obvious way of publishing this correction… but also to post more generally on the fascinating field of ancient church orders. So voila! The ancient church orders blog.



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3 responses to “By way of introduction

  1. If you don’t agree with my comment there, Fr Alistair C. Stewart, please ask Peter Kirby to delete it.

    [Do you need some help for your Gnomes ?… Being an illiterate unscholar, I’m the King of the proof-readers !]


    • How could I disagree… it is a simple statement of fact! And thank-you for the offer of assistance… how about starting that e-rrata site?


      • Maybe you don’t want your blog be tracked by Peter Kirby’s bot…

        My “offer of assistance” was intented towards your “Gnomai” delayed on Gorgias Press (we met together at Alin Suciu’s, and then by emails, June 22nd, 2013) : I’m marvellously unable to build websites…


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