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The original bishops on the Baker blog

Some reflections here.

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E-rrata: Vita Polycarpi

Nothing to do with church orders really, but the opportunity is too good to pass up, in an idle moment, to post the e-rrata for my Vita Polycarpi. And there are a lot of them… Especial thanks to Tony Gelston; his sharp eye is responsible for most of the observations. If the Greek diacriticals look a bit funny, try copying them and pasting to your word processor, altering the font to a decent Unicode Greek font.

P. 100, line 22 of chapter 7: for ἰβόλα read ἰοβόλα.

P. 102, line 9 of chapter 9: for ἐγμαθώρμισται read ἐγκαθώρμισται.

P. 104, line 16 of chapter 10: for προσηκόντας read προσηκόντως.

P. 129: the last sentence of the translation of chapter 24 should read: And insofar as you know that you are taught all these things by God as you search the divinely-inspired Scriptures, so may they remain inscribed on your hearts by the pen of the Holy Spirit, so that the commandments may remain in you ineffaceable.

P. 130, line 12 of chapter 25: delete entire line.

P. 132, line 34 of chapter 27: for ὁκνήσῃς read ὀκνήσῃς.

P. 136, line 14 of chapter 29: for ὑπεισῆλον read ὑπεισῆλθεν.

P. 141: the third sentence of the translation of chapter 31 should read: And he said to them: “Let us be mindful, brothers, of the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who said, ‘Ask and it shall be given to you’ (Matt 7:7).”


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By way of introduction

In 2009 Brepols published my version of the Didascala apostolorum. After endless hours of proof-reading checking, rechecking, by myself and by others, the volume went to press. And as I opened the author’s copy the howler jumped out at me. I asked the press about the possibility of an erratum slip… no joy. I think a number of readers have noticed the error and been kind enough to overlook it, but it was a howler of the first order. I toyed with starting a website called e-rrata.org or something similar… If a publisher is reading this then why not start it… every author would be glad, I am sure, to be able to post corrections to his/her work.
Over three years later I stumble across the obvious way of publishing this correction… but also to post more generally on the fascinating field of ancient church orders. So voila! The ancient church orders blog.


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