More Arabic Testamentum Domini

Just out is Martin Lüstraeten, “Edition und Übersetzung der Euchologie der Eucharistiefeier der Redaktion „M“ des arabischen Testamentum Domini (I.23–I.28): Eine späte Antwort auf Anton Baumstark und Gérard Troupeau”

Abstract: The Testamentum Domini is considered to be one of the youngest Church Orders. Since its discovery in the early 20th century there have been questions concerning its origin and historical value while its original text and structure remain undetermined. This article considers a newly edited translation of several chapters of an Arabic recension which appear to be much closer to the Testamentum Domini’s original Greek text than Rahmani’s well-known edition of a Syriac manuscript. It argues that many apparent peculiarities of the Testamentum Domini are particular only to the manuscript Rahmani edited.

The text (with annotation) is preceded by a detailed introduction to the text, and to the Arabic textual tradition. Check it out at


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