Wilhite’s commentary on the Didache

PrintI have just completed a review for JTS on Shawn J. Wilhite, The Didache: A Commentary  (Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2019).

It can be read there in due course, but anyone who is anxious (is there anyone who might be anxious?) can request an advance copy in the usual way.



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4 responses to “Wilhite’s commentary on the Didache

  1. Hi Alistair . . . I would appreciate seeing a copy of this review. Good to see you in Oxford not too long ago.


  2. Liuwe H. WEstra

    I am very anxious! I only just discovered this goldmine, so could I still get an advance copy?


  3. I’ve sent a copy to your dok.. at gmail address. Glad to hear you!


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