The additional chapters of the Arabic Didascalia

As part of my work on Testamentum Domini I have been trying to get my head around the various Arabic versions of this text. Here I have been greatly aided by the extraordinary scholarship of R-G Coquin, “Le Testamentum Domini: problemes de tradition textuelle” Parole de l’Orient 5 (1974), 165-188. Coquin notes three distinct Arabic versions, based on distinct Greek recensions of the text. This to add to the Ethiopic version and the Syriac recension published by Rahmani.

What is particularly interesting to note, in what amounts to a throwaway remark from Coquin on p. 184 of his article, is that the additional chapters of the Arabic Didascalia (see previous posts), whilst taken from Testamentum Domini, reflect a distinct Arabic version of this material.

My own Arabic is somewhat limited. All this steels my determination, however, to improve its standard so that, even if as a retirement project, I can bring this material to publication. In the meantime I hope nonetheless that somebody else does it. So if there is any Arabist reading this blog who is looking for a research project…



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5 responses to “The additional chapters of the Arabic Didascalia

  1. Muzaffar

    you can share your Arabic data if you like.Regards

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    • شكرا يا صاحبي

      Unfortunately the data is not so readily to hand. It needs to be retrieved from the various libraries which hold it. This is major research project. Those of Testamentum Domini are listed by Coquin in the article cited, those of the Didascalia by Funk (see the post below on the Arabic Didascalia.)


  2. Muzaffar

    I have collected manuscripts of Arabic apocalypse of Peter from libraries all over the world.


    • There are a lot of MSS of this apocalypse, I understand.
      If you feel able to undertake the collation of the Arabic versions of either of these church orders, then all I can say is that the world of scholarship would be very grateful to you, even if it robs me of a retirement project!
      If you wish to pursue this, please drop me a line. You can find my details in the profile, on, or on the Sarum College website.
      بارك الله فيك


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