New technology baffles pissed old hack: the Oxford online Didache bibliography

The Didache bibliography for Oxford has “passed” peer review. This is nothing short of miraculous. “How so?” you diatribally enquire.

The Oxford bibliography site has an arcane method for submitting MSS online. Having received the peer reviewers’ comments and the editorial queries, it appears to me that after struggling with passwords, usernames, logins etc. I managed to send the wrong file! Not completely the wrong file (i.e. not a shopping list, or a begging letter to my bank manager) but what looks to me like a working draft, complete with annotations to self, uncorrected spelling, loose ends, bits in the wrong place etc. Somehow the draft got accepted with a few terse notes from the peer reviewers about the somewhat unconventional orthography! The editor at the Press will have to earn his salt and sort this out since such spare time as I have between now and August will be spent trying to cobble together something that will pass for a paper in Oxford, apart from seeing Hippolytus and the Gnomai through to publication. And all this during the English cricket season.



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3 responses to “New technology baffles pissed old hack: the Oxford online Didache bibliography

  1. yancywsmith

    Will there be a Kindle edition of the Hippolytus commentary?


    • I have asked Fr Benedict at St Vladimir’s Seminary and received the following response.

      The second edition of Hippolytus will indeed be available in Kindle format.

      In general, we release digital versions of our new books three to six months after the print edition is available, sometimes sooner. Almost all of our Popular Patristics books are available digitally (Kindle, epub), but some of the earliest volumes are not—these were licensed from other publishers, and nobody in those years foresaw the possibility of digital editions. Now some of the firms from which we licensed the works have gone out of business, with the result that the works are still protected by copyright, but there’s nobody to grant a license. In the long term, we will replace these early volumes with fresh translations, and these will appear digitally as well as in print.

      I will have to enquire which of these early volumes are affected.

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